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Betty's yo yo tablecloth and information

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You are so welcome!

Here are some I found I had written down on a paper for reference : I think I got it someplace on the Internet several years ago . . (Each Yo-Yo has a 1/4 " hem that you run the stitch in .)

Circle Template Sizes : 1 1/4 " makes a 3/8'' sized Yo-Yo 4 " makes a 1 3/4" yo-Yo
1 1/2" makes a 1/2'' sized Yo-Yo 4 1/2 " makes a 2" Yo-Yo
1/3/4" makes a 5/8" sized Yo-Yo 5" makes a 2/14" Yo-Yo
2" makes a 3/4" size Yo Yo 5 1/2 " makes a 2 1/2" Yo-Yo
2 1/4 " makes a 7/8" size Yo-Yo 6 " makes a 2 3/4" Yo-Yo
2 1/2 makes a 1" size Yo-Yo 6 1/2" makes a 3" Yo-Yo
3" makes a 1 1/4" Yo-Yo 7 " makes a 3 1/4" Yo-Yo
3 1/2" makes a 1 1/2" Yo-Yo 8 " makes a 3 3/4" Yo-Yo

Hope this gives you an idea of the different size Yo-Yo's .

I had to guess at the sizes of the ones I made .Then I counted the Yo-Yo's and wrote it down . The size I made for the runner had 264 (2 inch ) Yo-Yo's in it . It measures 67" X 16" And I had 33 Yo-Yo's long X 8 Yo-Yo's wide in rows.

The Table Cover one took 676 (2 inch ) Yo-Yo's and it measured 4 ft. X 4ft. ...And I had 26 Yo-Yo's long X 26 Yo-Yo's wide in rows to make it a Square.

  You have circles cut ( like a 4 1/2 inch circle of fabric which will end up a 2 inch Yo-Yo when you finish ) , then using your needle threaded with a knot in the end (I use Quilting thread for my running stitches as it is extra strong and I use it doubled and knotted .) Fold over about a scant quarter of an inch on the outside edges , and as you go along , stitch a running stitch thru it all till you get to the place where you started it with your (KNOTTED end ) LOL . The you have to pull up the slack in it with the running stitch so it all gathers ...( I try to pull each thread so it pulls up tight and you will see a " little circle" in the middle ) and I always tie off the knotted end with the needle end of the thread down tight to the Yo-Yo , 2 Times to make it secure . Then cut your thread close but---(being careful Not to cut the knotted part,. LOL ) and you have a Yo- Yo ! Then do it again and again with more circles you have cut . I use all kinds and colors of circles and when you put them together to make what you are making , you can place them where you want them and match up different colors and then stitch a tacking kind of stitch onto the side of each one to keep them together good . You could then make several strips of the Yo -Yo's sewed together and then connect the strips in whatever thing you are making ( Long table Runner or square table cover OR topper for bed or a quilt top ).
I made a circle out of a piece of cardboard that measures the 4 1/2 inch diameter for my pattern so I can use it to cut out all the circles . .
My Runner for my Fireplace top (or a dresser or long table etc. ) took 264 Yo-Yos' (33 Yo-Yo's LONG and 8 Yo-Yo's WIDE)
33 X 8 = 264

MY Table Cover took 676 Yo-Yo's to make and it measures 4ft. by 4 ft. square (26 Yo-Yo's Long and 26 Yo-Yo's wide and making it measure 4 ft. by 4 ft. square using All of the 676 Yo-Yo's . (Hope I have not confused you! ) 26 X 26 = 676

The following is a quilt made from a forum quilt swap a few years ago . also a crazy quilt made by Betty.


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