Friday, October 22, 2010

Bird Seed wreaths Bells ect...and more...( by Kim)

How to rust safety pins and bells  ...

Last year I made BIRDSEED WREATHS..easy peasy!..I used a smaller star mold I had..My mold took about 4 cups of mix..measure your mold using birdseed first and adjust the recipe, I had to cut my recipe in half.. I added cranberrys and tied with a raffia bow..NICE! cheap!!!maybe $1.50 each wreath..they sell for $20 or better....I made one a day for 5 days a week or so before Christmas..took less than 15 minutes each day..

1.5 cups of water

4 1/4 ounce packages Knox unflavored Gelatin

8 cups birdseed

Here's a link to a recipe..

Here's a recipe for BIRD SEED BELLS I just found..


small terracotta clay pots

microwave-safe plastic wrap or plastic oven bag

length of firm wire (coat-hanger type is fine)

birdseed of your choice (measure it dry in your chosen pots to gauge amount needed)

two egg whites per cup of birdseed (or thereabouts)


Beat egg whites until white and fluffy, but still liquid - you're not making a meringue.

Prepare pots by lining them with microwave-safe wrap or oven bag. Bend the end of the wire that goes into the seed bell into a closed loop (so that birds, or leg rings can't get caught on it when most of the bell has been eaten).

Mix beaten egg whites and bird seed in a bowl until all seed is coated, then spoon the mix into the prepared pots, patting it down firmly. Push the uncoiled end of the wire through center of mix in pot then out of the drainage hole until looped end rests flat on top of the mixture, then push loop slightly into mixture. Place on an oven shelf set high enough to allow wire to hang free. Cook for approximately 60 to 90 minutes in a very cool oven or longer if pots are larger size. The important thing is not to burn the mixture and slow cooking is needed to set it firmly.

Cooked bells will slip easily from pots, peel away the plastic wrap while they're still warm but don't handle the wire until it has cooled. Using a pair of pliers, twist exposed wire end to form a hook for hanging in the aviary.

Sometimes if you use large seeds in your mixture, the widest part of the bell which is exposed during cooking will become slightly crumbly. This only happens for a half-inch or two, but if they are to be given away, and you want a less "rustic" appearance, just spoon the mixture into the pot as usual but mix another beaten egg white with seeds of last few inches and cook as instructed above. This extra "adhesive" keeps the top layer very firm.

NOT QUICK>>>but..

It is also time to start making your ORANGE CLOVE POMANDERS..I did 3 dozen of them last year, boy was THAT time consuming..They came out lovely though!!!..I am glad I made them..I kept about a dozen and gave the rest as party favors and gifts for Christmas Eve at MIL's....cloves can be expensive. Because I was making lots I purchased off the internet.. they were not first quality and there was some waste. I believe I bought 2 pounds and it did all those with some left. I first went to an herb farm, but their price was about $6.95 for 2 ounces..I think I paid around $42.00 for the cloves, and I happened upon oranges, buy one bag, get one free..You might be looking at $2.00 per pomander, more if your cloves are expensive and your oranges aren't on sale!!!

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