Friday, October 9, 2009

Putz houses I made for a swap

I had fun making these Putz Houses. I have fond memories of my own mom setting the up at Christmas, which I posted pictures of on my blog site ( last year) I made these from cut up plain old cardboard boxes, lollipop sticks ,cello, a sissex cuter for the edging, glue snow tex and glitter. It has been fun, though I wouldn't want to make a living from it! Right now I look like the fairy queen..all sparkly from the glitter!
I will post the pictures in the stages I made them...enjoy!

construction is 4 inches square.Lollipop porch rail and
paper punched trim (bought the punch at walmarts)

I added clear plastic in front of the windows
and behind that printed windows as below. alo painted it off white color and added blue roof.

and child greeters in a doorway

 then embellished with twiggy wreath, pines and lots of glitter!


  1. OMG, those are adorable! Terrific job!

  2. Wow.....I wish I could be as clever as that!!!! I want a village now! Wow! xxxRobby


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Did someone say lets go shopping??

Did someone say lets go shopping??
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The Office~ NEW !

The Carriage House..NEW!.

Jan from BigDogPrimitives posted this on P&R as a freebie. This is great to add to your blog or webpage. Many thanks Jan!!!

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