Thursday, October 1, 2009

 Beryls Pumpkin Man Instructions

Beryl says..."I've got pictures of the frame and you dig holes and put the frame down in the holes to make him stand and use 3 pumpkins, hubby drilled holes in the the places where the pumpkins would sit and stuck dowels in them and we pushed the pumpkins down on the dowels to hold them in place. I kinda slanted the head so he would look like he was looking back. Make sure you put the pants on before you stick the legs down in the holes and I used a old pillow to lay on board for back and put shirt over this and buttoned it to hold the pillow in place. The face is felt, I glued the teeth to the black felt and then used straight pins to hold the black felt in place, hair is raffia and and old straw hat and old garden gloves. Here's the link for the frame...hugs..." Look for instruction pictures here..
Added note..Beryl earler stated when measuring.."It was pretty easy to make, I got my hubby to stand like the Pumpkin man and then I took" I transferred these instructions to the craft room Beryl...

 Many thanks Beryl for sharing this project with us!

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Did someone say lets go shopping??
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