Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Garlands and Wreath Ideas

Judy's scented prim oranges for fillers or garlands
Judy states"I took some oranges,put slits down the side from end to end and put them in my oven set to 150 degress. It took some time but they dried very nicely. Once they were dried I took some orange spiced oil (any orange oil would work) and using a dropper I put the oil in the slits. I then took the oranges and rolled them in cinnamon. I bagged them individually along with some bay leaves in cellophane bags. They sold like hot cakes! I added bay leaves because they will keep bugs out and it looked nice.. They smelled really good too!"

Sweet Potato Garland  Pumpkin Garland/ wreaths

Two old Crows  wrote about how to make a Sweeet Potato Garland Sweet potato garland is a wonderful accent to primitive or country decor. Stringed sweet potato garland is perfect for hanging on a primitive tree or as garland on a fire place or doorway. I don’t suggest putting it outside unless you don’t mind critters eating it!
Sweet potatoes ( you can use regular potatoes)
Instant coffee
Spices- nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon
Cotton string
First make your coffee staining mixture :

3 heaping tablespoons of instant coffee (I have found that the more expensive coffee gives a deeper stain)
1 cup of boiling water
Mix the two and let steep for a few minutes

Stain your piece of cotton string with this mixture by dipping it in and letting it dry ( I would not do a garland more than 6 feet long) dry this completely.
Do not peel the potatoes but just cut into 1 inch cubes
Mix equal amounts of your spices together in a pie pan
Soak the cubes of potatoes in the coffee mixture then roll them in the spices covering thoroughly  (roll them all once and then roll again)
Tightly string the cubes together because they will shrink while drying

You can let these air dry or place in a 150 degree on a cookie sheet. Be sure to keep checking and scrunching them together as they dry to prevent gaps. ( Have found they are impossible to move on the string after drying)
These are a wonderful addition for fall decorating! also can use Pumpkin chuncks an use these in other types of swags and  small wreath knob hangingss.
(The Fruit of her hands has one for sale for only 15.00...see the picture below)

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Did someone say lets go shopping??
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