Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Make It Grubbie or/and Rusty

I will be posting ideas you sahre about making things grubby, under this title...plus comments of our members..

Here is the one cindy submitted about grubbied tealights.

"I've grubbied little flicker tealights....just use mod podge then roll in a cinnamon/spice mix. Let them dry then I'd cover the small bulb and give a quick shot of clear sealer. I leave the bottom alone, I do not grubby that."

Rusting jingle bells etc...
Okay,so what I'm finding,out of my rusting is that bleach does take the finish off of the pins and bells,then the vinegar/salt mixture helps rusting.When I mixed them all three,that was good.But yesterday I put the bells in vinegar/salt/peroxide mix overnight and that seemed to work the best.The bleach ate some of the pins away,but the peroxide seems to put a chemical reaction that really turned the metal another color,darkened them.

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Did someone say lets go shopping??

Did someone say lets go shopping??
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Halloween Swap 2008 ( cindy B)
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