Monday, August 24, 2009

Vintage Jars..Bugs, Luminaries, etc.. by cindy

I have a few of these wonderful jars left and decided to make some luminaries. They have wire wrapped around them to hang from and LED lamps inside.
Thanks Leslie for offring What you working on Wednesdays..I so enjoy going to everyone's blogs to see their l;atest projects! This is an extension blog of the Gathering room..Enjoy!

...and of course, Bob has his choice for luminaries...we decided to call it our Tribunal Lights...When the grandsons are over and should misbehave,( which of course they never do because Grandma says they are perfect little boys!) we will dismiss them from the group..ha ha ha
And of course...when I saw this bug at the craft show today, I had to have it.!

We drove down to a flea market and craft show at the Hog Festival in Kewanee today...the junk stuff was awful but I did see one craft booth I liked. He made ard ornaments out of jars an such. I will also post a picture in the craft room and describe it there... he made critters with wire wings on a wire stake..the bodies were ball jars...some were spray painted( a clear type of paint ) from the inside for color...had washers soddered on the wrapped around #9 rusty wire for eyes..also used old Christmas outside (and also some inside) coored tree light bulbs,small 40 watt bulbs, perfumes bottles,little vases with necks, wrenches , Old type little long nosed oil cans, keys and just about anything you can imagine for the bug bodies..added the wire wings and made it a bug...cute idea. I did buy one and have it out in my rose garden . Mine was a larger sized vintage qt jar one...the jar is replaceable if it gets broke... you can unscrew the stake and hang it up also. I bet these would fly out at a show, esp for summers.

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  1. Neat stuff! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to make it back here again and again! Karen


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Did someone say lets go shopping??
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